TrakkR PTZ Target Tracking/Geo-Location Unit

The TrakkR is Mobile Intelligence Corporation's (MIC) advanced statistical tracking system able to simultaneously track multiple targets in difficult and obscuring environments. The TrakkR is able to manage the included pan/tilt/zoom unit to maintain a lock on a target of interest. Using the included laser range finder, the TrakkR continuously provides geo-location of the primary target.

The MIC TrakkR is a fully JAUS/AS-4 compliant target tracking/geo-location component available as an add-on to any of MIC's rugged mobile platforms or ready to be applied to your fixed or mobile platform. The TrakkR is standards-compliant, supporting JAUS/AS-4 set and query camera pose and capability commands, and the query relative object position command for Geolocating tracked targets. The TrakkR is versatile and easy to integrate onto any platform supporting UDP or TCF communications for local hard-wire connection to existing platform sub-nets. The TrakkR is agile, with dynamically stable pan-tilt movements at angular rates as fast as 300 degrees-per-second.