An application of the MIC Owl Autonomy Unit, the SmartTrakk is Mobile Intelligence Corporation's (MIC) autonomous tracked robot. Built on the SuperDroid commercial ATR-HD2 platform, the SmartTrakk integrates MIC's Owl autonomy unit and Perch platform controller to provide unparalleled capabilities in an autonomous ground robot. The SmartTrakk is standards-compliant, supporting JAUS/AS-4 global commands, camera commands and status commands. The SmartTrakk is autonomous, with the Owl providing stereo-based obstacle avoidance, tactical route planning, and moving object tracking and GeoLocation. The SmartTrakk is fully integrated with MIC's Multi-Platform Controller (MPC) operator control unit providing interoperability with the Army's FBCB2 system. Communications are UDP or TCP, over any IP radio system, with 802.11g as the commercial-grade default.

The SmartTrakk accepts JAUS/AS-4 Global Waypoint commands and communicates with the Owl, which uses a Point Grey Bumblebee II stereo camera to build maps, avoid obstacles and plan a safe path through complex terrain. The Perch controller interfaces with the platform hardware (motor controllers and optical encoders) and manages robot localization using an inertial measurement unit, data from the motor encoders and, when available, a GPS receiver. The optional MIC TrakkR target tracker includes a pan/tilt unit housing a 40x zoom Sony Block Camera, combined with a fixed-beam laser range finder for precise target tracking and GeoLocation and is controlled through using JAUS/AS-4 Camera Pose and Capability commands.

View the SmartTrakk Brochure for more details.

Click Here for a brief video clip of the SmartTrakk at the Homeland Defense Test site housed at the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey.

MIC SmartTrakk Specifications
Weight 105 (47.6) lbs (kg)
Top Speed 2.4 (3.8) mph (km/h)
LxWxH* 38x18x33 (96x46x84) inches (cm)
Ground Clearance 2.25 (5.7) inches (cm)
Battery Life 2.0 hours

*Excludes antenna height for remote control option.

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