MIC Robo Tool Kit

The MIC Robo Kit is a developer's Tactical Operations Software Tool Kit for Unmanned Systems that provides the capability to rapidly and at low cost integrate MIC Owl configured robotic platforms into US Army and NATO Battle Command architectures. The tool kit was developed under multiple ARDEC SBIR sponsorships and is offered in Commercial form to support Homeland Defense, Security and Police Operations.

Supporting a range of Unmanned Systems, including ground sensors and ground and air vehicles, the tool kit is currently implemented in the MIC Multi Platform Operator Controller (MPC) for the Badger and Smart Trakk SUGVs and the ARDEC Multiple Platform Controller (MPC) for integrated control of SUAVs using the Procerus Kestrel autopilot (xxx) and the CloudCap Piccolo autopilots (II, Plus & LT).

The Tool Kit complies with DISAWSTAWG Standards for Embedded Platforms and STANAG standards for Unmanned Air Vehicles.

Company News

New SmartTrakk Videos Posted

MIC has posted new videos of the SmartTrakk platform avoiding obstacles using stereo-vision and surveilling stationary obstacles using MICs MultiPlatform Controller combined with the MIC TrakkR. Click here to check them out!
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