MIC Owl Autonomy Unit

The Owl represents Mobile Intelligence Corporation's (MIC) most advanced autonomy unit for mounting on small, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). The Owl provides JAUS-based command and control, acting as a JAUS Pilot unit, accepting global waypoints, planning safe routes, and sending real-time JAUS Wrench commands to control the underlying platform. High speed stereo-based obstacle avoidance supports safe operations in complex terrain. This includes safely navigating to a visually designated location, and following the operator using Visual Tracking. Operator control is available using voice and/or easy to use graphics via MIC's MultiPlatform Controller (MPC).

The optional MIC Intelligent Route Planner (IRP) is integrated with an embedded WSMS map server to provide accurate MGRS Geo-Location data and registered imagery. DISA Standards compliant for Embedded Weapons/Sensor S ystems, the Owl is Network Ready, supporting IP based UDP or TCP for multi-robot collaboration applications and through MPC, sophisticated graphics/image presentation and data overlays. It auto generates VMF and XML Cursor On Target (COT) Tactical Messaging for interoperability with the Army's FBCB2, ARDEC CDAS, and Falcon View C2 Systems. For commercial applications, 802.11g and custom data radios are supported.

The Owl provides an open, component based distributed architecture, allowing users to build on the provided software to tailor or augment existing modules for Collaborative Autonomy applications. The Owl software is provided with sample interface and operator UI source code and a tutorial for developing applications. An optional TrakkR subsystem for support of autonomous acquisition and tracking of multiple stationary and moving targets with memory lookback is available as an upgrade.

View the Owl Brochure for more details.

View the brochure for the micOWL2. All the features of the original Owl in a rugged, small form-factor, highly-customizable package.
MIC Owl Specifications
Weight 4 (1.8) lbs (kg)
Processor Speed 2 x 2.4 Ghz
LxWxH 4.25x10x12 (11x25x30) inches (cm)
Power Consumption less than 80 Watts
Input Voltage* 24 Volts

*12 Volt version available.